Another busy week :) I spent a lot of it working on finishing polish of the environment assets for the island (not yet complete), along with a few more features for the weekly beta build - see below for full notes. Having these week-long sprints with a deliverable build of the game at the end is still working really well for me; it also means that the bigger monthly releases will be packed full of progress, which makes me happy.

0.7b2 release notes:
  • Added ambient audio loops.
  • Added footstep sound effects.
  • Added UI for interactive animation scenes, allowing skipping/rewinding as well as a toggle between automatic & manual interaction. Part of this feature involved final clean up and abstraction of all of our animation scene code; they're configured entirely from nice and clean, human readable json files now.
  • Improved shadow rendering (if you have a decent machine, set shadow quality to "Ultra" and let me know what you think!)
  • Fixed a capped framerate bug from some uncommitted code that accidentally made it into 0.7b1.

Have a great weekend everybody and thank you for your support!
Hey everybody, first build for the month! Please enjoy. Release notes available in devblog020 :)

- Amra


Download -
  • middle mouse button vertical drag = pan camera vertically
  • right mouse button drag = rotate camera
  • scroll wheel = zoom in/out

Demo 02 release notes

Hail everyone! Blessed is the season of playboy bunnies and mountains of chocolate.

We've got a special little demo for you all to check out, giving a sneak peek of one of the new scenes from the coming major release. Lots of new stuff in this one as the Succubus is just about complete and as you'll see, we've made heaps of progress on player sex scenes :) So please enjoy our sassy little Succubus doing her thang with teaser audio from the wonderful Sweetpoffin. I haven't had much time to work the audio in to the new scenes but we have some awesome source material to work with and will be fleshing out the audio system in the coming weeks. We're confident it is going to add a whole new level of sexy to the game.

So sit back, relax, grope a Succubus butt and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Succubus 2.0 is just about finished! I've got her in a small test scene which lets me sort out any shading, rigging and physics issues as I work on her, so if you'd like to check her out then download the demo here:

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated. The cave she's in is a quick mockup of a location for the next quest we're working on, so it'll probably be changing a lot ;)

I'm about to start on devblog017 which will explain what's been going on the past few weeks. It should be ready later tonight :)

Our Succubus is well on the way to completion; her initial face is done, the first hairstyle is done and her proportions are just about where we want them. Things still to do include some more body tweaks, hair styles, demon horns, tails, plus final texturing and rigging. She should be ready for test renders in-game Monday/Tuesday :) See below for a few head progress shots as well as how she's currently looking!


devblog 015

We've got most of the kinks ironed out and our girl is now running around in-game! I've uploaded demo v0.5.4 starring our girl so that interested people can test her out and let me know what they think of her. I'm particularly interested in feedback on her proportions and the boob, butt and hair physics. In the build she replaces the male PC and combat/sex animations are temporarily disabled - in the next demo she'll be selectable alongside the male and will have her combat animations and first sex scene working.

Still left to do on the human female:
- skin texturing
- clothes
- more feminine idle, walk & jog animations
- fix feet and rig genitals
- combat & sex animations

Along with the above todos I'll be fixing up our Succubus to match the female PC, culminating in their first scene together hopefully later this week. So stay tuned for progress shots as I finish everything up! :)

devblog 014

This month I've been deep into zbrush, sculpting the human female model. The model itself is just about done and looking awesome in-game, thanks to new and improved skin shading and more realistic eyes. The low poly is just about complete too, requiring only some minor touch-ups for smooth butt and boob silhouettes once I've finalized the high poly sculpt. As well as all that I've been working on our hair shader (anisotropic highlights), which I'm hoping to have ready for the girl's debut in our next demo. I'm planning to have the model itself ready early next week, after which I'll be getting her rigged and playable in a new demo. In the demo she'll be debuting in her first scene along with a few other small surprises. Exciting stuff :)

Hey folks, this one's a small "usability" update after a morning of playtesting with Anika and Discord folks. Changes:
  • Tweaked shadow quality, tree LODs, grass density & draw distance to improve performance on older machines ("Fantastic" quality setting)
  • You can now sell your monsters for 5g each, so grinding out quests for the inn events is less tedious - this is still super unbalanced right now but we want you to be able to play around with everything
  • Pressing "Esc" should now close any open in-game menu and if there is none open, bring up the pause menu
  • Character creator debug code remains the same
Windows download: