devblog013: Quests, dialogue and intro demo and plans for the month

New demo here!

The latest demo shows the quest & dialogue systems that are now back in the game, along with some simple gathering & world interactions. We now have something resembling an introduction in the game, giving a small teaser of the story to come. As well as all of that, there's a basic job board and an inn where you can have a drink, sample some special entertainment, or just put your feet up and get some rest - if you're willing to spend the coin.

Anika has written a bit more about it all here:

As for the next two weeks; work on integrating combat & breeding together into the game is still well underway and we're aiming for a new major release later this month. There may or may not be another demo in the interim, depending on whether we get time to add more features for the big release :)

New demo here!

The latest demo shows the quest & dialogue systems that are now back in the game, along with some simple gathering & world interactions. We now have something resembling an introduction in the game, giving a small teaser of the story to come. As well as all of that, there's a basic job board and an inn where you can have a drink, sample some special entertainment, or just put your feet up and get some rest - if you're willing to spend the coin.

devblog012: New demo, progress update & toaster-friendlier patch

Hail and Happy New Year everybody! I got restless and had to sneak in some art practice over the break (which I can't wait to show everybody...), but otherwise I spent the week getting plenty of quality crunch recovery time ;)

Since Tuesday I've been back to work on the game, focusing on integrating the monster stable and basic breeding system back into it. As well as that, I've set up a neat little character portrait renderer with custom lighting to make managing these things easier (and prettier!). I've put together a quick demo build (v0.5.0) showcasing this week's progress; the stable UI and basic monster breeding. Within it you'll be able to see most of the old animations between a selection of randomly generated Succubi and Minotaurs. Over the coming week I'll be integrating this demo functionality into the main game, adding wild monster capture as well as starting on monster training and new quests. Exciting stuff!

v0.5.0 available here:

Finally, I've uploaded a minor update for v0.4.0 (v0.4.1) which adds the ability to bypass the "Welcome" screen by pressing "Escape" as well as disabling all full screen image effects for the "Basic" quality setting. This should help some of you running the game on toasters to bypass crashing on load. The game's graphics settings will be better adjustable in the future when I finally get around to finishing the fancy menus I developed for them, but until then this is the best I can do to help out lower end machines. To go with that: the game's unlikely to run very well (or at all) on many integrated graphics cards, especially if they're pre-DX11. If I had the resources to optimize the game's art and levels for them then I'd give it a shot, but at the moment I'm just a one man army :)

toaster-friendlier patch available here:...

mirror 1:
mirror 2:

Christmas is here already and we *just* made it! In order to get the build out in time, we've chopped everything that isn't yet finished/usable and focussed on releasing a playable test of the environment/exploration and animations. Please enjoy running (and jumping...) around Cocksbury and feel free to have a play with the Succubi hanging about the place ;)

Also, an imporant message for our Patrons: you may notice that our pledge tiers have just been reorganised, along with some other changes and improvements. Importantly, the $1 and $20 tiers are now gone and the $3 and higher tiers now receive rewards including early access to major releases, major release debug codes, exclusive demo/test builds and an invite to our Discord. The rewards that have been phased out (Patron credits, the Wailing Chasm tag and the $10 founders' game access) will be fulfilled ASAP (most likely in the next major release) for everybody that's pledged for them in the past. They will not be available to new patrons for the foreseeable future.

I'll be having a break from work for a week over the Christmas & New Year holiday, starting as of this post :) We hope you all have a great holiday and we'll see you in January!

Banner art by the awesome @momdadno (momdadno.tumblr.com)
devblog 010: trigger warning: techno-babble ahead

According to my SVN log, this past week I've worked on:
  • rig setup for left + right weapons, including sheathing
  • script for batch retarget/bake/export of animations in Maya
  • stored Unity animation settings + clips in JSON settings files to allow for easy rig changes & reimports
  • Unity project cleanup (removed old unused assets, cleared caches and reimported everything)
  • fixed glitch in idle animation loop
  • implemented combat animations
  • added animation layers for player character (base, full body, upper body) allowing for full body animations that then blend into an on-the-move upper body variant
  • modified Simulation (game logic) module to use fixed timestep (currently locked at 30hz)
  • added custom weapon collision routines
  • added shield bash + sword slash abilities for player
  • added "None" Unit Ability target type for in-place abilities that use manual aiming/weapon collision rather than traditional targeting
  • fixed bug with missed input due to catchup timestepping in Simulation
  • improved 3rd person camera
  • improved landing logic (no more floating up slopes)
  • fixed most remaining C# warnings
  • added ability bar w/ configurable hotkeys
  • added player/target unit status HUD
  • fleshed out unit spawners; they are now serialised with GameData (in other words monsters are saved/reloaded properly now)
  • monsters now die after lingering for a short time. this also persists correctly between saves/loads
  • assorted code cleanup
.... phew. Now that that's finished, here's a little bit about our game's ability system:

The ability system for Pillars is heavily influenced by the system Valve developed for DOTA 2 (which I'm guessing was in turn heavily influenced by Warcraft 3 ... and so on, and so forth ;)). I implemented most of it back in August but as you may have seen above, I've just now gone back in to add a few...

devblog 009: Moshing Minotaurs

Blocked out some key poses for monster attack & seduce animations last Monday, thought they'd be fun for you guys to look at :)

These will be fleshed out this week along with others as I finish up the player v monster encounters!
The Return

Hey everyone! If you hang around chat much or follow me on Picarto (http://picarto.tv/amra), you may be aware that I've been getting back into full time Pillars dev. I've been working hard on it since early November and am excited announce that the next demo is scheduled for release on Christmas Eve 2016.

The slenderman player character's now gone, player vs. monster combat's getting close to being playable, the environment's starting to look beautiful and the rest of the game is now starting to pull together :)

In other news, we have a Discord:
I'll be announcing day-to-day stuff in there (such as work streams etc.) and will be online whenever I'm working, so feel free to drop in and have a chat or send me a message. The Discord server will be replacing our forum's chatbox soon and joining it will be tied to pledge tiers after the next update, so hop in now if you're interested :)

As mentioned earlier, I've been getting into the habit of streaming a lot of my work the past fortnight. If you see me online (http://picarto.tv/amra), feel free to come by and see the game in progress!


September's been a super busy month, with extracurricular activities chewing up all of my time (computer blowing up, 30th Birthday, etc.) alongside a short term contract job that has just come my way which will allow me to accumulate some more much needed Pillars funds.

In the meantime I've been making a lot of progress towards the alpha release, namely:
- realtime open world combat & turn based monster battles
- bulletproof pathfinding*
- monster subraces, confirmed races for alpha release will be:
Cave Minotaur
Plains Minotaur
Dickgirl Succubus (clunky name still under construction)
Willow Dryad
Oak Dryad
- data driven DOTA inspired ability/skill system
unique set of skills for each monster subrace along with player skill trees
- traits
- abilities

Although I will be working this contract full-time for the next 6-10 weeks, you should see me posting more progress on the game as we get closer to release.

Lots of love, Amra & Anika.

This month is Pillars of Perversion's first birthday. We still hadn't come up with a name back then and it was basically just me messing around modelling tits, butts and horse cocks in Maya and Unity, trying to figure out whether I could do something with it all. Since then I've been working my ass off on this game. There have been ups and downs and features and ideas have come and gone, but I'm very glad to announce that the game's finally reaching a point that I'm proud to call 'systems complete', or 'alpha'!

It's been a rough ride getting here, especially in regards to releasing builds for you all to check out. Due to the nature of games development, progress can seem very 'two steps forward, then three steps back', especially when seen from the outside. But it will all be worth it in the coming months.

In September we'll be releasing Pillars of Perversion 'alpha version 1', with all core game systems completed - combat, breeding and exploration. From then on, much of the remaining work on the game will be heavily content focused. Quests, characters, story and lore. More lewd monsters, lewd endowments, lewd skills and many many more lewd animations to discover. Music, sound and particle effects, the list goes on. Fun stuff!

As a part of the big update, we'll be shifting back to a Patron-only release schedule. In addition to this, anybody that has pledged $10 or more to the project up until the v1.0.0 update will receive lifetime Patron only releases through their forum user account. I'll be writing a Patreon integration module for our forum software shortly after the update's release to facilitate this.

So prepare your butts people because v1.0.0 is coming for them this SEPTEMBER! (SEPTEMBER! SEPTEMBER!! SEPTEMBER!!!)