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    Press ` (backquote/tilde) to toggle the dev console. This can be remapped to any key in the controls menu.

    With the dev console open, type "help" (minus quotations) and press Enter to display a list of available dev commands/variables and their usage. Similarly, type a valid command/variable name followed by any requisite arguments and press Enter to execute the command or get/set the variable.

    Currently available commands/variables:
    • help - displays a list of available commands or help for a specific command (ie. help gravity)
    • exit - quits the game
    • screenshot - takes a screenshot and saves it in <game_directory/Pillars of Perversion_Data> (optional string argument specifying screenshot filename ie. screenshot this_is_a_filename.png)
    • fov - sets the camera's field of view in degrees (ie. fov 40)
    • fullscreen - sets fullscreen mode to true/false (ie. fullscreen true)
    • cheat_code - enables/disables cheats, pass the correct cheat code string to this command to enable all cheat commands (ie. cheat_code SuperSecretCheatCode)

    Currently available cheats:
    • create_succubus - loads a succubus into the the character customiser; once customisation is finished, this succubus can be interacted with and used as an animation viewer
    • gravity - prints/sets the game's gravity. pass it a 3 dimensional vector ("gravity 0,1,0" will reverse gravity, "gravity 0,0,0" will set zero gravity, "gravity 0,-1,0" will restore default gravity, etc.)
    • time_scale - sets the game's time scale ("time_scale 1.0" - normal speed, "time_scale 2.0" - double speed, "time_scale 0.5" - half speed, etc)

    Please note that cheat commands/variables can only be used if the correct cheats are enabled via setting the cheat_code variable.


    Also any and all dev console commands are liable to wreck your game and any progress within it; they are development commands after all. In other words, if you break stuff with the dev console then I can't guarantee that I'll be able to fix your problem! I'd love to see crazy screenshots though ;)

    Also if you have any ideas or suggestions for useful commands in the future, feel free to send me a message and I'll see what I can do!