Pillars of Perversion 0.7

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    Hey everybody, it's finally here! We finished everything that we'd planned to this month (plus extras!) and the game is looking and feeling more complete every single day.

    Patrons can grab Pillars of Perversion 0.7.1 here.
    Instructions for the dev console and how to activate and use the currently available cheats can be found here.

    Work on this weekend's beta build is already well under way and we can't wait to show you guys all of the awesome stuff that's going into the game this June!

    Release notes:

    Changes and fixes:
    • Graphics settings menu w/ graphics settings presets & performance improvements.
    • Controls menu w/ keyboard & mouse control mapping.
    • Credits menu.
    • Fixed bug causing Unit movement to be framerate dependent.
    • Added cheat mode to dev console.
    • Added ambient audio loops.
    • Added footstep sound effects incl. support for variations in footstep materials.
    • Added UI for interactive animation scenes, allowing skipping/rewinding as well as a toggle between automatic & manual interaction. Part of this feature involved final clean up and abstraction of all of our animation scene code; they're configured entirely from nice and clean, human readable json files now.
    • Improved shadow rendering (if you have a decent machine, set shadow quality to "Ultra" and let me know what you think!)
    • Fixed a capped framerate bug.
    • Many island layout tweaks.
    • Horizon environments.
    • Improved terrain rendering, incl. PBR, wetness and puddles.
    • Lighting, wind and foliage adjustments.
    • Added 'quit' button to main menu.
    • Added island background music.
    • Added Remi's phallic vegetable garden.
    • Remi now wears gardening-friendly clothing.
    • Added more background and banter dialogue to Remi.
    • Tweaked some of Hortensia's dialogue

    Known issues:
    • Toggling fullscreen or vsync on/off can cause Remi's garden soil mesh to corrupt, causing some pretty crazy graphical glitches. The workaround to this is to restart the game once you've changed these settings (or just leave them at the default). This issue should hopefully be resolved later this month with a Unity engine patch.
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