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By Amra on Jan 8, 2017 at 9:47 AM
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    devblog012: New demo, progress update & toaster-friendlier patch

    Hail and Happy New Year everybody! I got restless and had to sneak in some art practice over the break (which I can't wait to show everybody...), but otherwise I spent the week getting plenty of quality crunch recovery time ;)

    Since Tuesday I've been back to work on the game, focusing on integrating the monster stable and basic breeding system back into it. As well as that, I've set up a neat little character portrait renderer with custom lighting to make managing these things easier (and prettier!). I've put together a quick demo build (v0.5.0) showcasing this week's progress; the stable UI and basic monster breeding. Within it you'll be able to see most of the old animations between a selection of randomly generated Succubi and Minotaurs. Over the coming week I'll be integrating this demo functionality into the main game, adding wild monster capture as well as starting on monster training and new quests. Exciting stuff!

    v0.5.0 available here:

    Finally, I've uploaded a minor update for v0.4.0 (v0.4.1) which adds the ability to bypass the "Welcome" screen by pressing "Escape" as well as disabling all full screen image effects for the "Basic" quality setting. This should help some of you running the game on toasters to bypass crashing on load. The game's graphics settings will be better adjustable in the future when I finally get around to finishing the fancy menus I developed for them, but until then this is the best I can do to help out lower end machines. To go with that: the game's unlikely to run very well (or at all) on many integrated graphics cards, especially if they're pre-DX11. If I had the resources to optimize the game's art and levels for them then I'd give it a shot, but at the moment I'm just a one man army :)

    toaster-friendlier patch available here:

    Thanks for reading and see you same place next week!

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amra, Jan 8, 2017.