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By Amra on May 13, 2017 at 2:19 AM
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    Another busy week :) I spent a lot of it working on finishing polish of the environment assets for the island (not yet complete), along with a few more features for the weekly beta build - see below for full notes. Having these week-long sprints with a deliverable build of the game at the end is still working really well for me; it also means that the bigger monthly releases will be packed full of progress, which makes me happy.

    0.7b2 release notes:
    • Added ambient audio loops.
    • Added footstep sound effects.
    • Added UI for interactive animation scenes, allowing skipping/rewinding as well as a toggle between automatic & manual interaction. Part of this feature involved final clean up and abstraction of all of our animation scene code; they're configured entirely from nice and clean, human readable json files now.
    • Improved shadow rendering (if you have a decent machine, set shadow quality to "Ultra" and let me know what you think!)
    • Fixed a capped framerate bug from some uncommitted code that accidentally made it into 0.7b1.

    Have a great weekend everybody and thank you for your support!


Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amra, May 13, 2017.