Pillars of Perversion devblog 022

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amra, May 20, 2017.

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    Hey dudes!

    Exciting news for next week's build! We'll be finishing up the next major build this week, releasing it first as our final weekly beta build for this month. I'll then be fixing any issues that may arise and finally release it as version 0.7. We'll be updating the free version to 0.6.0 at the same time :)

    In other news: beta 3 is here! You may remember from last week's devblog that I've been working on finishing the island environment. Much of this week was spent on this work as well and it's looking really really really cool. We're getting very close to the level of polish we're shooting for. More environment stuff to come in the next update, along with some extra juicy things that I'm hoping to show a sneak peek of shortly. Release notes below:

    - Many island layout tweaks (you may notice NPCs and items in some slightly different locations)
    - Horizon environments
    - Improved terrain rendering, incl. PBR, wetness and puddles
    - Lighting, wind and foliage adjustments
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    Heya Amra Long time not see and write when Comes the puplic versions from the new Version?