Pillars of Perversion v0.4.0 (public release)

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By Amra on Dec 24, 2016 at 11:55 AM
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    Christmas is here already and we *just* made it! In order to get the build out in time, we've chopped everything that isn't yet finished/usable and focussed on releasing a playable test of the environment/exploration and animations. Please enjoy running (and jumping...) around Cocksbury and feel free to have a play with the Succubi hanging about the place ;)

    Also, an imporant message for our Patrons: you may notice that our pledge tiers have just been reorganised, along with some other changes and improvements. Importantly, the $1 and $20 tiers are now gone and the $3 and higher tiers now receive rewards including early access to major releases, major release debug codes, exclusive demo/test builds and an invite to our Discord. The rewards that have been phased out (Patron credits, the Wailing Chasm tag and the $10 founders' game access) will be fulfilled ASAP (most likely in the next major release) for everybody that's pledged for them in the past. They will not be available to new patrons for the foreseeable future.

    I'll be having a break from work for a week over the Christmas & New Year holiday, starting as of this post :) We hope you all have a great holiday and we'll see you in January!

    Banner art by the awesome @momdadno (momdadno.tumblr.com)
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Discussion in 'Releases' started by Amra, Dec 24, 2016.